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Remediation and Decontamination Services...

Integrity Environmental Decontamination Services is a full service hazardous waste and materials remediation company - resolving environmental problems in Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, Vernon and surrounding area in the Thompson-Okanagan, Shuswap, Cariboo, and Kootenays; from Osoyoos to Prince George, and from Merritt to Invermere.
background graphic g Using the strictest environmental protocols, we specialize in mold removal and remediation in residential and commercial settings, as well as rodent, bat and bird waste decontamination.

Our technicians are trained and certified to the very highest standards, and Integrity Environmental Decontamination Services carries the maximum liability insurance for our remediation work.

We also employ the most up-to-date and effective techniques for treating and pre-treating wood, and we offer extended guarantees for our mold remediation work.

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Our commitment to you.
Our Commitment To You...
The minimum you need to expect from ANY competent hazardous waste and materials remediation company:
  1. technicians that are trained and certified in the hazards of mold remediation by a recognized professional organization;
  2. full contractor liability insurance for mold and hazardous waste remediation;
  3. industry standard equipment which is up-to-date and certified safe;
  4. work procedures that follow established environmental protocols which are clearly explained to the customer.
  5. the safety of your structure and its occupants as our first concern.

Additional Services
Our services also include infrared thermal imaging, bird and bat proofing, rodent, bird and bat waste clean-up, indoor air-quality sampling for mold, and bulk sampling for mold and asbestos. Contact us now for a professional environmental assessment.

NEW! Now offering Flood Damage Cleanup
We have the expertise and equipment to properly clean up your flood-damaged property.


Mold growth inside the home is not dependent on the outside climate, but is the result of various factors or the combination of these factors: moisture ingress, unresolved condensation, and poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation coupled with condensation produced by a faulty bathroom extraction system can result in advanced mold growth in an attic. Indoor air quality can be seriously affected by this situation.
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Standing water and poor ventilation can result in rapid mold growth on joists and sheathing in a crawlspace. Indoor air quality can be seriously affected by this situation.
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Interior Living Space:
An unresolved water ingress, or high humidity in unventilated corners can produce mold and water damage in drywall. Indoor air quality is most at risk in these situations.
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We Clean Up Rodent Droppings:
Rodents - mice, rats, squirrels, etc - leave droppings and urine on every surface they encounter. Extremely hazardous and potentially lethal virii such as hantavirus can be present in their excrement. Droppings may be found in the living space, attic, or crawlspace.
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We Clean Up Bat Guano:
Bats are protected in BC. When bats have migrated in the fall, waste cleanup and entry point exclusion can be undertaken. Bats can lay down large amounts of guano, potentially resulting in structural problems, and introduce parasitic bat bugs into the living space.
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