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Thermal Imaging, or Thermography

All objects emit heat at varying levels. Heat, or the lack of it, is invisible to the naked eye, but is clearly visible to an infrared thermal imaging camera.

Infrared is highly effective at moisture or leak detection in a structure, as well as pinpointing heat-loss.

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You may not notice wet drywall until discolouration and mold sets in. With thermal imaging, the evaporative cooling effect of water on the surface of drywall is clearly visible BEFORE too much damage is done.

Thermal Imaging will save you time and money: Because it can accurately locate the problem, drying machinery and dehumidifiers can be positioned for maximum effect, or gutting and remediation can be performed with pinpoint accuracy - resolving your environmental problems.

Examples of Water Intrusions...

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These infrared images clearly show water present in the ceilings and walls of the structures...

In both cases, the extent of the damage was invisible to the naked eye, but NOT to the infrared camera!

Click for larger viewswater in ceilingwater in ceiling

water in walls
water in walls
How we can help you:
  1. moisture or leak detection either in conjunction with restoration services or just for your peace of mind;
  2. energy audit - thermal imaging accurately detects invisible cold air entry points, poorly laid or missing insulation, radiant heating wires or pipes, helping you pinpoint areas to tackle, and helping you save money. Heat loss = $$$ lost!

We can also provide the following specialized support:

  1. locate and monitor hot spots in wood chip piles;
  2. forest fire mapping - especially detecting sleeper fires;
  3. search and rescue - helping locate lost people;

Contact us for a professional environmental assessment with an energy audit or moisture assessment (leak detection) performed by an ITC certified infrared thermographer, using a state-of-the-art FLIR infrared camera.

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